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FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
: john roberts live on the floor. let's get reaction. senator dick durbin the senior democrat from illinois. making him a key voice at the convention. thank you. god out of the platform. why do that? >> in the narrative is present on your station and through your channel that democrats are godless people, they ought to know better. god is not a franchise of the republican party. those of white house believe in god and dedicated our lives to helping others in the name of god don't want a second seat to anyone suggesting that one word out of the platform means democrats are godless. >> bret: no, no. i don't think that is what is being said. we're reporting what is in the platform. in 2008, god was mentioned once. in 2004, it was mentioned seven times. in 2000 god was mentioned four times. just a question. the question is why take it out in this time? >> i'm saying to you if you draw to draw a conclusion -- >> bret: i'm not drawing a conclusion. i'm just asking a question. >> present your evidence. >> bret: i'm just asking the question why was the word taken out. >> i'm telling you, t
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 2:00pm PDT
all at least acknowledge this is probably in response to bret baier and dick durbin yesterday going at it. thank god fox news is on it, pushing the button, sayingy where is "god" in the platfor platform? >> dana: i don't think it's just that. i think that president obama woke up this morning and said what in the world are you people doing? fix it. >> greg: i think that the platform people, dnc platform disagreed with you. god is mentioned in the platform. his name is obama. >> bob: in the scheme of thing, the jewish issue may not impact it on one state. the rest of it will be forgotten. >> kimberly: you are talk about swing states.nia, floridas what matters in election. >> bob: what we think is big breaking news on god issue particularly, among evangelicals it may be a big issue but they're going to vote republican. >> kimberly: it could effect voter turn-out in other states. dais it shows extremely bad management not what you want to show going to a november re-election. people wonder do you deserve another four years? you can't manage the platform committee. >> greg: god will spea
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm CDT
durbin. wgn's frank holland is live in charlotte, north carolina with more on this prestigious honor for durbin. the theme for the campaign is forward ... but the democrats on looking back at the speech delivered by bill clinton last night and the president is looking back on a friend to do him a good favor in 2004 ... senator dick durbin was asked to introduce the speech ... he had introduced barack obama at his very first big political appearance that's when the whole political scene changed in america ... senator durban and other democrats are making the case for four more years >>america is moving in the right direction we're creating jobs businesses are expanding home prices are elevating and we must continue along these lines ... every debuted is exciting and this is no longer a debut the reasons for voting for this president are still there ... this college student says that the young voters are over the romance that they're looking hard at the president's rise in may of accomplishment ... resume of accomplishments ... the illinois house speaker mike madigan hopes that t
Sep 19, 2012 7:00pm EDT
whip dick durbin has presented a -- to avoid the fiscal cliff attend of the year. let's talk with two distinguished senators, michael bennett, democrat from colorado, kelly ayot, democrat from -- i'm interested in this report that senator dick durbin, correct me if i'm wrong senator bennett, but dick durbin sometimes compromises he voted for bowles simpson, is he circulating something that would extend all the tax cuts for six months and would avoid the recession? >> i think dick durbin reserves credit for having voted for the bowles simpson plan. i saw a press report about it yesterday, i think that the most important thing for us to do right now is send a message to the markets in my view that we're not going to kick this can down the road six months or 12 months, we need to make some decisions here. >> would you sign on to a dick durbin six month if it included all the bush tax cuttings? according to the reports, he would have spending cuts in there, i obviously don't know the details, maybe you know more. would she go for that six-month extension? >> i would have to look at the re
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and the american people and thank senator rubio, senator durbin for being here. it's hard to believe it's been 40 years. it's hard to believe it's been 40 years since that tragic event in which terrorists had the attention of the world in the olympics at munich. and it's hard to believe over the last 40 years we've experienced so much of the violence from extremists and terrorists, tomorrow we will commemorate the 11th anniversary of the attack on our own country, and we recognize that the only way that we can stand up to this type of extremism is to never forthe get. -- forget and dere-dedicate ourselves to do everything we can to root out extremists, to root out terrorists and to never forget the consequences of their actions. so i want thank senator gillibrand and senator rubio for the resolution that we passed in this congress, to let those who were victimized 40 years ago to know that we won't forget them and we continue to dedicate our efforts to root out this type of hatred, this type of extremism to make sure the olympic spirit, which is world's competition, is to bring peace in the world
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 10:00am PDT
national convention. they've removed that from the platform. we'll pick up from bret baier and dick durbin left off. >> in 2008 god was mentioned once. in 2004 it was mentioned 7 times. in 2000 it was mentioned 4 times. the question is why take it out this time? hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ megyn: a fox news alert on a big change of plans in cha
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, here on "special report," i asked senate majority whip dick durbin about the remuel of "god" and jerusalem -- removal of "god" and jerusalem from the platform this year. durbin accused me and the network having an agenda by asking about the omissions. >> your conclusions are young if you're drawing them. >> i'm not. >> secondly, let me tell you the first president to recognize the state of israel was harry truman, a democrat. and every president since democrat and republican, has stood closely with israel. i know what is going on here. in an effort to justify shelby and the money he is spending to stand up to israel -- >> listen. >> the democrats and republicans are committed to israel future and security. i'm one of them. >> understand. no republican took those words out of the democratic platform. so i'm just making a point. >> you're saying those two bulletins coming out means our relationship with israel changed? >> no, i'm just asking the question why it was changed. >> is that fair? >> bret: we asked senator durbin to come back on tonight or provide us a statement to r
Sep 6, 2012 9:00pm CDT
obama has a spine of steel and after he speaks it will be senator dick durbin from illinois who will introduce the president as he did at the convention in 2008. >> our top story here at home scene around the country tonight, the drew peterson a verdict, the jury has found him guilty of murder. hong >> >> justice tonight for kathleen savio's family who believe that drew peterson kilter, the defense prosecution calling him a thug who headed thehid behind a badge. drew peterson showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read kathleen savio's family hog and cried, who was knocked unconscious into drowned in her bathtub. >> i always knew that he killed her. i was always there for my sister and i will be there to the end. >> we must take this as a warning sign and do something about it. peterson's defense attorneys said they wouldn't have done anything differently and that peterson is ok with the jury's decision but they're not done. >> believe me there will be an appeal, there are several world- class people that are just waiting to sink their teeth into this case. then they
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am PDT
and democratic senator dick durbin. >>> and the deadly attacks on americans in libya. it is apparently not what we thought. the latest from house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers. >>> and who are those people anyway? i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." >>> as mitt romney struggled to regain footing after his 47% victim remark, the president was contemplating his first four years and a slight change to the hope and change theme. >> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. we are at that point on the campaign where everything becomes fodder on the stump. >> the president threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from outside. well, we're going to give him that chance in november. he is going outside. >> that point of the campaign where even the responses do not go unresponded to. >> he stood up in a rally, proud ly declared i'll get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> we are at that
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm PDT
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Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
coverage here on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: i ask consent that the quorum call be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. we're not in a quorum call. mr. durbin: i ask that if in executive session, the nomination of keith kelley of montana sent to the senate by the president be referred jointly to the help and veterans affairs committee. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: quorum call: mr. durbin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: i ask consent the quorum call be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: mr. president, four years ago, our economy was in freefall, a.i.g. had been bailed out, lehman brothers plunged into bankruptcy. the depth of the recession we fell into is difficult to understate. with the economy contracting at nearly 9% in the last three months of 2008 and over 700,000 jobs lost every month, it's not an exaggeration to call the
Sep 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
. durbin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: mr. president, it's difficult to come to the floor of the senate on this anniversary of 9/11 and not reflect on your own experience. i was in the same room as the majority leader, harry reid, just a few steps away from the senate chamber when we witnessed the second plane, on television witnessed the second plane crashing into the world trade center and realized it was no accident. and then the black smoke billowing over the mall from the pentagon, a suggestion that we were under attack. and as we evacuated this building and rushed outside, standing in a crowd around, not knowing which way to turn, where was there a safe place to go? no one knew. some tourists coming up to me saying we're new here. where are we supposed to go next? there was no place to tell them. we knew union station was nearby and the metro station not far away, but no place to turn. i might add parenthetically that the decision was made shortly thereafter to build the visitors center. it took years to do it. it is an underground fa
Sep 13, 2012 8:00pm EDT
quorum call: mr. durbin: mr. president? i ask unanimous consent the quorum call be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak therein for up to ten minutes each. the presiding officer: also without objection. mr. durbin: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to consideration of s. 3552 introduced earlier today. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: s. 3552, a bill to reauthorize the federal insecticide, fungicide and ridinicide act. the presiding officer: the senate proceeds to the measure. mr. durbin: i ask the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate and any statements be printed in the record as if read. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to senate joint resolution 44. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 494, senate joint resolution 44, granting the consent of congress to the state and
Sep 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
. thanks very much. >> thanks. and coming up in about 20 minutes, illinois senator dick durbin is going to join us live. >> you've already had so much back and forth on the campaign trail one side says this, the other one says that, who are you supposed to believe with all the spin out there? so over the next three weeks cnn is going to size up exactly where barack obama and mitt romney stand on issue after issue so you can decide. today we're talking about jobs. this is the most important issue to most people in america. and with us we've got larry summers. you know him, currently a professor at harvard university. former treasury secretary under president bill clinton. former director of the national economic council for president obama. and for better or for worse, mr. summers, you are the architect of many of the things that this administration has done. so you're a perfect person to talk to about this. welcome to the show. >> glad to be with you. >> all right. let's talk about the jobs numbers. came out on friday. by many -- by a lot of analysis a disappointment. although compared
Sep 23, 2012 6:00am PDT
dick durbin of illinois and republican senator lindsey gram of south carolina. thank you both for joining me this morning. first to you, senator durbin, because we are seen polling indicating that in the battleground states as well as nationwide the president now seems ahead by an amount that is perceptible. as far as you were concerned, where are the biggest danger points for the president message-wise or campaign-wise as he moves forward? >> candy the momentum has shifted in obama's. that's a good thing from our point of view. this is a campaign with three debates yet and four or five eththat is none of us could predict on this show. we're not taking it for granted, but we do have momentum coming out of the convention, and some of the problems and mistakes of the rom my campaign have given the president more traction in these battleground states with working families. >> and senator graham, to you, why to you think mitt romney is struggling so much? we've talked so much about the history of the numbers as it relates to unemployment or anything else and how it would seem that
Sep 4, 2012 10:00am PDT
senator, dick durbin, when he nominated him in denver four years ago. >> four years ago in boston, i introduced a friend, an illinois state senator most people had never heard of, with a name most people couldn't pronounce. 30 minutes later, barack obama's keynote address had changed politics in america. touching the hearts and inspiring the dreams of a nation. tonight, barack obama will accept our nomination to be president of the united states of america. >> four years later, on thursday night, senator durbin will be introducing president obama one more time. joining me now, of course, senator dick durbin. not even looking a day older, senator. someone is looking older and that's the president of the united states. he gave himself an incomplete in an interview in terms of fixing the economy. how does he respond to the republican argument that yeah, it's incomplete and that people are not better off than they were four years ago? >> take a look at four years ago. where were we? people had lost about 30% of the value of their retirement savings. the financial community was in collaps
FOX News
Sep 6, 2012 3:00am PDT
the clip dick durbin said those words don't matter. if they didn't really matter god and jerusalem, why did they have a floor vote that made the party look stupid. >> brian: did god belong in there and jerusalem capitol of israel? the fact is, the democratic party does not agree. their true colors showed and that should help the vores. >> gretchen: especially independents who are watching and may agree that god is part of the nation. >> steve: one other thing. the fact that the president of the united states should ask if they put jerusalem back in when his administration does not officially recognize jerusalem as the capitol. >> gretchen: remember when president obama said this? >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> gretchen: the president spent two months and clarifying what he meant. obviously i regret for my syntax but not the point. everyone knows what i was saying, arizona scoring a big win. the state can enforce show me the parties part of law. the officers can check the immigration status. governor brewer disagree. >> it must be enforce
Sep 7, 2012 12:00am PDT
: but the number two democrat, dick durbin, said the president often took on leaders of his own party. he recounted a late night white house meeting on health care reform in january, 2010. democrats were arguing with the president to remove some oversight provisions. >> at midnight the president stood up and said "that's it, you won't agree, i'm leaving, you can leave when you like." he walked out of the room. it stunned the people who were there. >> he wanted them to finally understand that there's a couple things that if that bill doesn't include it it does not include his signature. don't go here again. that was tend of the subject. >> woodruff: not surprisingly, some of the toughest criticism of mr. obama's leadership style comes from republican congressional leaders. in the summer of 2011 house speaker john boehner was quietly negotiating with the president trying to reach a budget deal which would include enough entitlement cuts to bring republican support and enough tax reform to gain acceptance by democrats. there were several failed attempts and then there appeared to be a breakthrough. i
Sep 9, 2012 10:00am EDT
. hey, give the senate credit. the at least -- led by dick durbin -- they said, all right, we know of compromise has to be done here. but we cannot seem to get the other guys to the table. i would like to see that happen before the interim session. but right now it has been gridlock. let me be clear about that as well. you have seen the report and the book by thomas mann, ornstein and mann. clearly the obstructionist nature of what the republicans have done here is the prime cause of not moving forward and everyone else in the world who is unstable and would like to invest their money here -- all it requires is the government, in this case congress, working together. >> let me ask you a little bit about connecticut politics year. your colleague in the house, chris murphy, seems to be having real troubles in connecticut with his race to the senate. and mcmahon, who lost handily two years ago, is doing very well. what is going on there, and what does chris murphy need to do to regain momentum in your state? >> well, as with chris murphy just last night. we were in north hartford. we
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on rdinated - religion...//. senate... majority whip ...dick durbin... fired back... at... republicans and fox news.../ saying ... republicans... are presenting that democrats... are... 3 that... leads us to our question of tteeday. does... it bbther you... that references to "god"... are not in the democratic platform? facebook page... brittany saas 7 people... are 3& &pinjured.../ after... their boat... hits... a... large wake... in... missouri.../. ii's... caught on caaera..../ before... you... see it...// a... warnnng../ it's... graphic. you... caa... see ... all... the boaters here... shifting ...back and forth ... as... the boat... starrs... shaking...// ssconds... later... rough waters ... cause... the captain... to... lose control.../ everyone... - off... their feett../. some... people... hit their heads... against... the side... of... the boat.../. 5--people... were... hospittlized...// no... word... on their conditions
Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm EDT
speech, but i think there was a lot of demagoguery and falsehoods. >> and dick durbin is about to speak. great point on jobs. only about p 3 to 5,000 jobs have been created net under the president's turn. they chose it that cherry picked month where where they could maximize the number. i want to get to something else. you tweeted out a few moments ago that the president sent a mass blast e-mail to followers asking for $15 in donations before he takes the the stanl? >> the democratic ticket has been outraised by mitt romney, the republican super pacs. that's why rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago, quit the the obama quit yesterday to go raise money for the priorities usa super pac. one of the things president obama has been innovative about in 2008 and now is the use of social media to raise money. they're working it hard and on larry's point about joe biden, that was as good as he can speak. he was direct. sober. he resisted the tendency he has to shout. he didn't do that so much. took directly on the bain argument, accused mitt romney of not understanding what the auto industry meant
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
durbin told an illinois paper and i quote "i think it's likely we'll see an outcome similar to what we have today. democratic majority in the senate but not 60 votes and a republican majority in the house but less than it is today." meanwhile, nancy pelosi isn't so resigned to that outcome. >> we have the message. we have the messengers. we have the money and the mobilization. we have a very excellent chance to take back the house. >> eliot: as for the senate in what's become the most interesting and expensive statewide race in the country elizabeth warren now has a small lead over sitting senator scott brown. suffolk university whdh poll has warren 4 points ahead of brown. the opposite of where she was found a few months ago. over in missouri, todd akin has until september 25 to exit the race. but despite the most recent poll putting him 6 points behind mccaskill, he thinks he can win the race. the akin campaign released this ad yesterday. >> a coalition of women whose goal is to reach others with the truth that todd
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
supported as did dick durbin. he's had an opportunity to do that. mitt romney opposes that and congressman ryan, the vice-presidential candidate moved against it. >> sean: let me move o. why would the democrats remove the term "god" from their platform? and why remove that jerusalem should be the capitol of israel at a time of such high tensions in the middle-east, especially iran? was that a good move? >> no. >> why is dick durbin running away from the platform. he said the platform doesn't count -- >> mitt romney is running against the platform. the republicans say there should be no abortion, even in case of incest and rape. that's your party platform. >> but mitt romney's position includes the exceptions and people vote for the candidate. >> therefore the platform that removes god is a stupid platform and they shouldn't have done it. i am running away from it as fast as mitt romney's running away -- >> but president obam said this is his platform. he embraces it. >> sean: bill clinton -- is he brought in to safety day, governor? >> this is president obama's hail mary pass. you know, bi
FOX News
Sep 6, 2012 2:00am PDT
this language is representative of democrats or americans and senator durbin was steamed at bret baier for suggesting this language made a difference at all. >> let me suggest something, i shared the plat follow committee for two democratic conventions and we produceed the most unread document, to suggest that this document -- (inaudible) this suggests to me you are not focusing on the real issues in american politics. >> before the platform was changed back republican nominee mitt romney put pressure on the president to represent all americans with his party platform. i see it as being out of touch and detached and so far removed from the interests and concerns of the american people that people look at this party and lock at rebound and his leadership and see someone who is taking us in a direction they do not recognize. >> there was controversy on the floor of the republican convention last week, as well. remember, there were ron paul supporters would made a scene after changes were made by voice vote to delegate regulations. >>heather: thank you, peter. who says these things are sc
Sep 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
. durbin: bill daily is a businessman in chicago and a friend of mine. and a few years back he was the chairman -- madam president, bill daly is a businessman in chicago and a few years back he was the chairman of the al gore presidential campaign. we all know how the campaign ended in a florida recount. biwas contacted several years later by those who wanted to run for president. they made their trip to chicago and asked bill if he could give them some insight into what it was all about, how you'd win. and bill said to them one and all, the same thing. i'm not sure i have any special strategy to tell you but there's one thing i've discovered over the years. by the end of theth president yam campaign the american people will know who you really are. i thought that was very simply and and directly stated. by bill daily and reflected the fact that although every candidate at every level tries to surround himself or herself with the wisest people in kristendom to give advice on polling and media and analyzing the electorate and the right words to be said, that more so in the presi
Sep 10, 2012 3:00am PDT
durbin, "new york times" columnist frank bruni and actor woody harrelson here on set to discuss his new off-broadway play "bullet for ado adolf." >>> and mike florio will talk about how the jets pulled off the win in week one. >>> first let's go to todd santos with a check on the forecast. todd? >> mika, thanks so much. want to zoom into florida just in honor of joe. it's also the only game in town as far as showers and thunderstorms going on. they're very isolated, but there are a few lightning strikes showing up the west side of tampa bay and laurel. keep in mind, we'll still see showers and thunderstorms filling in with daytime heating across florida. especially central to southern portions of the state. aside from that, you kind of zoom out. you get the idea that the northeast, a lot of clear skies and specifically for the northeast, just breathe in. it feels so good especially early this morning with some cool temperatures out there. a lot of 50s showing up on the map. 61 in new york city right now. 59 in boston. i have tweaked these numbers a little bit. 72 in boston. albany comin
Sep 1, 2012 10:00am PDT
. that was their response. that's good enough for me. he can explain himself. he had his reasons. look at durbin, gutsy guy. i mean durbin is the assistant leader. think what harry reid must have tried to do to him. good god, you're messing with precious medicare. >> we need that leadership. we need guts. >> sure. >> simpson-bowles is a token now that anybody talking about debt or deficit throws around. they actually like it. they say i like simpson-boi/bow. politicians are doing this. mitt romney's campaign said the plan mimics yours. i don't think it z he wants to cut rates across the board. that's where the similarity ends. doesn't raise any revenue. do you agree with your fellow republicans who say we don't have a spending problem -- we don't have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem? >> sure. we also have a revenue problem. we've never had less revenue coming into the united states since the korean war. wake up. 15.2% of gdp is the revenue. it's historically been about 19 or 20. so you can't tax your way out of this baby. you can't cut spending your way out of this baby and you can't dream yo
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
's latest gaffe a turning point in this whole election? senate majority whip dick durbin says yes. donald trump, you will be unsurprised to hear, argues no. what they have to say tonight. >>> welcome back. two of america's favorites get down and dirty and political. >> i'm not going to tell you who i'm going to vote for, but -- >> the middle east. >> the foundation of our faith is based out of israel. >> and if this country is ready for a mormon president. >> we're not electing a pastor of the nation. we're electing a leader and who can best lead. >> returning, the only guest who ever bothers to pray for me. >> i say he's the nicest guy. >> joel and victoria osteen. and wyclef jean on romney's 47% comment. >> the government still plays a crucial part of what we do. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. our big story tonight, mitt romney's meltdown. the storm over the candidate's remarks recorded at a private fund-raising event in may shows no sign of blowing over. >> these are people who pay no income tax. 47% of americans pay no income tax so our message of low taxes doesn
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